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  Skilful design of lighting ceased to be the modern tendency long ago, but has become the style of utility interior, which every person can arrange according to his own taste. Light is not only the living conditions but at our high-tech time this is the exquisite way to discover the surrounding world in peculiar colors which express the entire essence of personal space. In Imperium Light you can choose and order modern chandeliers manufactured in Ukraine to create unique atmosphere in any premises. Our catalogue contains not only uncommon Hi-Tech illuminating lamps but also the original Industrial style chandeliers Loft and natural in its simplicity Modern style designer lamps.

  We manufacture the following custom-made lightings:

♦ Ceiling (directed and scattered type);

♦ Suspension ( with height and directed light flow control);

♦ Wall-mounted decorative (sconce);

♦ Spotlight for functional delimitation of premises;

♦ Floor (standard lamps);

♦ Small movable (spots);

♦ Track systems;

♦ Desktop for tables, cupboards and chest of drawers.



  Imperium Light possesses its own production facilities and is aimed first of all at creating hand-made light appliances and systems. But except individual manufacturing custom-made chandeliers we also offer our services to those who are looking for wholesale chandeliers made by Ukrainian manufacturers for retail sale.



  Modern lighting: designer illuminating lamps




  Loft implies maximum free space, therefore this style lighting is extremely functional. Industrial stylistics of luminous systems defines its purpose – zoning of premises, in which suspension lamps are supplemented by spotlight illumination, for example, spots. As a result the light zone industrial attributes are “softened” by Loft chandeliers and lamps and attach home character to strongly pronounced utilitarian space.

Complementary light sources make Loft style lighting not only functional but diverse.




  Modern style lighting is called native because great attention is paid to simplicity and naturalness of light dynamics. Huge windows decorated by different flowerpots vividly demonstrate this style. Lighting appliances are simple and unsophisticated. Grave pomposity and bulkiness are not typical for Modern style. This simplicity let Modern style be universal and follow the rule “No rules!”

Suspension chandeliers, wall-mounted sconces, desktop and floor lamps, spotlight appliances are arranged in a way convenient for the master of premises. Whereas the motive of naturalness and simplicity are the main features of Modern style, no wonder that illuminating lamps are often performed in the forms of plants with leaves and buds, climbers and expanded flowers. But even here the essence of Modern style displays itself – floral motives are not the aim but means, they are not pretentious but simple. Even the lamp in a form of a toy, the common thing in the house, could be the modern illuminating lamp.




  The Hi-Tech style lighting is modern light technology in the interior of premises. While Loft is aimed at the functional usage of light for space, High-Tech uses space for decorative light design. Embedded lamps set in well-calculated trajectory, movable spots, which take into consideration space peculiarity are typical for this style. Whereas Modern likes simplicity, High-Tech prefers complicated simplicity. Technology also shows itself in lighting. That’s why some illuminating lamps resemble futuristic artifacts. Superiority of technical over natural differentiates Hi-Tech and Modern and its stressed utility differs it from Loft. Of cause, fantastic forms quite often turn into fancy style originated from cubism and constructivism, creates among other extraordinary chandeliers and lamps which resemble modern artistic objects.



  Design and Modeling

  Imperium Light offers services on illumination and creating models for concrete projects: hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes. We develop and offer wide variety of different types of lighting installation.

► For premises (living, workrooms, social);

► For architecture (illumination of buildings, monuments, constructions);

► For industry (store houses, exhibition centers);

► For street and landscape and park design;

► For decorative visualizing.


  We take orders on manufacturing lighting systems from designers and architects, giving chance to our clients to use our mutual groundwork in future. We transform orgy of light palette into accurately checked exclusive illumination forms. Here are our methods of manufacturing the illuminating lamps:

• Woodworking – the materials usually are alder, oak, beech, ash. The wood is dried and processed by high temperatures, which permits to preserve the texture and smell. Careful control over the manufacturing process makes it possible to avoid texture damages (cracks, defects). The design combinations of wood and glass, textile and metal create really original illuminating lamps

• Metalworking – brass, steel, copper or aluminum are in general the base for manufacturing chandeliers and lamps of metal. There are forged (handmade forging) and castings (sheet industrial stamping). In skilful hands of our masters metal turns into stems and leaves of wonderful shining bouquet, strict constructions of illumination and fanciful lighting structures.

• Work with fiberglass permits to create products with the effect of crackles (craquelures), textile texture, rumpled structure and bubbling.

• Work with textile in manufacturing chandeliers with lampshades;

• Work with plastic (processing of ready-made plastic) – compliance and plasticity of plastic mass when heating let us create different in form and texture products. Strength, waterproofness, heat-resistance of plastic products make them extremely popular, and   also obtainable concerning the low price of manufacturing.


  Receiving and delivery

  After selecting and placing an order for our products, you can receive the goods in our office at:


Sem'i Sosninykh st., 9


  At the request of the client, Imperium Light delivers the goods to Kiev directly to the customer's home or to any address specified by him for obtaining the address.
Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by any courier service convenient for the client.
You can pay for the goods by cash in our office, in the bank or at home through Privat24


  Terms of cooperation

  We are pleased to cooperate with:
• shops of light;
• designers;
• architects;
• construction companies;
• Show-rooms;
• Design studios.


  For this category of customers we offer special terms of cooperation. You can learn more about them by contacting us by phone or e-mail.  


  Imperium light has been permanently developing and mastering new trends, we always open to any innovations and creative approach to make our illuminating lamps the best in Ukraine.


Fiat lux!